Welcome to the School Environement and Policy Assessment!

The purpose of the tool is to identify what aspects of environment and policy in the school zone create a safe and appealing walking and biking environment and what aspects may need improvement. Questions address your school's policies and practices around walking and biking, your school property, your school's arrival and dismissal procedures, and your school zone's environment. You may use this tool to measure progress over time in your Safe Routes to School initiative, including both infrastructure and non-infrastructure changes. The assessment does not require in-person observation. Results can be used for planning changes in order to create a more appealing and safer walking and biking environment in the school zone as well as evaluation of these aspects of the school zone.

In this online version of the assessment, answering each question will result in a pop up advising you on how you may be able to improve conditions to reflect best practices.


Thank you for your participation!

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