The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is a statewide immunization information system that stores electronic immunization records. The information in MIIC is used to help improve vaccination practice and prevent vaccine-preventable diseases in Minnesota. MIIC information is classified as private and only those authorized by law (Minnesota Statutes, Section 144.3351) can see it.

This form allows you to change your or your child's MIIC privacy settings. Options include: choosing not to receive MIIC-based immunization reminders, locking the record so no authorized users besides your health care facility can see it, or choosing to opt-out of MIIC. Individuals who choose to opt-out of MIIC will not be penalized. For more information on these settings, go to Data Privacy and MIIC Records.

Complete the following form to change your or your child's MIIC privacy settings. If you do not want to provide your information electronically, you can still change your or your child's MIIC privacy settings by contacting the MIIC Help Desk at To stop receiving immunization reminders from your health care facility, contact your doctor/primary care provider.

If you want to opt your or your child back into MIIC, you may do so by contact MIIC Public Inquiry Program at

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