Use this form if you wish to report a foodborne or waterborne illness (commonly called food poisoning) for yourself or someone else in your household. If you have a complaint about food handling practices (and no one has been ill), please contact the Minnesota Department of Health Food, Pools, and Lodging Services Section. If you are reporting illness from a large event, such as a wedding, reunion, or religious event, please call our hotline at 1-877-FOOD-ILL

Privacy Information

  • This survey is completely voluntary.
  • Your decision whether or not to complete this survey does not affect your current or future relationship with the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • You may leave any question blank.
  • All personal information is kept confidential at the Minnesota Department of Health, and only our staff and public health staff responsible for regulating establishments reported in this form have access to this data.
  • Some questions are marked as "required" as the answer to these are necessary for our staff to know for a useful report.
  • We use information from these reports to detect outbreaks of foodborne and waterborne diseases.

Generally, it takes around 10 minutes to fill out a complete report.

If you would prefer, we are happy to talk with you on the phone at 1-877-FOOD-ILL between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

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