This form is to request a facility-wide testing event through Homeland Health Specialists Inc. (HHSI)

High risk congregate living facilities should use this form to request COVID-19 testing through the MDH contract with Homeland Health Specialists Inc. (HHSI) at no cost to the facility. Complete this form to:

  1. Register with HHSI to use their testing services in the future and/or
  2. Request an onsite testing event at your facility. 

What type of testing is available through this contract?

  • Pop-up testing
    • Homeland Health Specialists provides testing supplies and a team of testing staff that will come to your facility to conduct a testing event.
    • PCR (nasal swab, saliva) or antigen testing available.
  • Specimen processing.
    • Homeland Health Specialists provide testing supplies, shipping materials or courier access. Staff at your facility will collect the test specimens and package specimens for laboratory analysis.
    • PCR (nasal swab, saliva) testing available.

In what situations can facilities use the HHSI testing contract for COVID-19 testing?

Facilities should consider using the HHSI contract for expanded testing events (more than 20 people). Consider using other professional or over-the-counter rapid antigen or Cue tests supplied by MDH if performing targeted testing in the facility (e.g., testing people with symptoms, routine intake testing, close contacts, etc.).

Consider expanded testing when:

  • Multiple staff and/or residents in the facility have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Multiple residents or staff members test positive for COVID-19.
  • It is believed that multiple people in the facility experienced a shared exposure to COVID-19.

Examples of expanded testing include:

  • Testing people in multiple wings or floors of the facility.
  • Testing everyone in the facility.

HHSI testing may be approved in response to reported cases in the past 14 days and may continue for a period of two weeks following the most recent case. If two weeks of testing pass without positive cases, the facility will need to submit a new request for additional testing.

MDH has other options for COVID-19 testing when expanded testing is not appropriate

This resource is intended for community-based facilities that offer congregate living, dining, or programming to people experiencing homelessness, people with temporary or transitional housing needs, or people that are justice-involved or living in a Department of Corrections (DOC)-licensed facility. Examples include homeless service settings and encampments, jails, prisons, DOC-licensed correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, domestic violence shelters, youth shelters, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, unlicensed sober homes, halfway houses, and board and lodges.

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